The National Association Of Criminal Gangs of The Philippines Nationwide

iv’e always wondered why some media entities still insist on giving labels to so called criminal gangs.

if the group breaks into a house they call them ‘akyat-bahay gang.’ if the group uses a hammer to break store display cases they’re called ‘martilyo gang.’ if they wear bonnets – you guessed it – they’re called ‘bonnet gang.” and, should these criminals decide to break into a house while wearing bonnets and armed with hammers, perhaps they shall be called ‘akyat-bahay-martilyo-bonnet gang.’

whenever i hear or read these labels, my mind immediately brings up images of criminals gathered together, holding hands and declaring, “from here on out we shall be called this and this gang.”

are those media practioners perpetuating the use of these labels seriously thinking that all burglars from batanes to tawi-tawi belong to one nationally recognized group called ‘akyat bahay gang.’ talk about organized crime.

why not just call them robbers, burglars or thieves depending on the crime committed and describe their modus operandi instead. we can just say that a group of robbers went inside the bank and threatened everyone inside with hammers or the burglar kept his identity secret by wearing a bonnet.

this may just be a minor annoyance but i seriously think news editors, news managers and anyone who has the power to facilitate change within the media should take the time and effort to correct this. they should do this for the sake of the next generation of news media practitioners.

dear editors please don’t perpetuate something so utterly stupid. please support this advocacy against the ‘National Association Of Criminal Gangs of The Philippines Nationwide.’


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